You’ve found your new office space. It’s in a trendy city-centre district with crumbling red-brick walls and Swedish coffee shops and twenty-somethings with Macs looking important. Inside it’s got those funky new-age chandeliers and body-form swivel chairs. It’s just the kind of office you need to attract innovative, ambitious minds like yourself.

You’ve been working hard, slowly but surely, to get to the day when you cross that glossy flooring with new and important clients in tow. Your customer base is small at the moment - but your staff can’t wait to move into that shiny new complex. It would be as much a product of their success as a foretaste of greater things to come.

So you’ve bought the new furniture, chosen the colour scheme, finally agreed the seating plan and booked the removal company. You’ve printed your new business cards and updated your website – “We’re moving!”

There’s just one problem - your phone lines. Your new office operates in a different exchange area, so you’ll have to re-install your entire phone system with a new number. You need to order BT phone lines and wait at least 30 days. There will also be line installation charges. Your old number has become a valuable asset and your hard-won customers are used to calling it. So, you can either forward your old number to your new one every time someone calls, paying for every call transferred; or get a new number altogether and risk losing your contacts and connections as you start anew.

On top of all that, you won’t be able to dial out from your old phone number so new clients will come in on a different number

Location, location, location – your planned move could jeopardise the rapport you have with existing customers and cost you more than planned. In the era of rapid response, you can’t afford to lose contact with your customer base if things go south, or forego days of potential sales-seeking installing a new system.

But now you don’t have to bite your nails waiting for the technician to arrive. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems aren’t tied down by a physical landline, instead using the internet to operate. With internet phone systems, you can keep your old numbers and entire infrastructure at no extra cost when you move. You can port any existing BT number to the cloud and get it to ring anywhere. All it takes is an internet connection at your new office. You can be up-and-running in hours rather than weeks.

You don’t need to get a system re-installed, just take your phones with you and plug them in like you would a laptop.

VoIP phone systems allow you to maintain continuity with your customers by allowing you to assign the same number to multiple devices, including your mobile phone. Now you’re moving with the times (even if you’re keeping the potted cactus).

Expanding infrastructure in your new office doesn’t have to be a hassle either. You can order new phones quickly and add them to your virtual network. So there’s no risk of having to dig up the parquet flooring to install more wiring. VoIP phone systems are flexible, mobile, and stress-free.

No one will bat an eyelid when you switch to VoIP. It’s business as usual, even if you do forget the pass-code to your new office.

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