Expanding your business is an exciting moment. Whether you’re opening a new office, hiring new staff, or even expanding abroad, you can feel that momentum is building, that your countless hours tapping away in some windowless concrete block or garden shed were actually worthwhile (this being, of course, the great origin story of all entrepreneurs).

Expansion can come with a lot of stress as well. When you’re busy worrying about your new recruits, the rent, and the paint on your new walls, the last thing you’re thinking about is your phone lines. Yet these are crucial. Your phone system will only become more important as you grow. You can only expect your company to become harder to manage as you create new departments in new locations; your customer base, hopefully, will also grow, and will expect high standards of service and reliability.

That’s why VoIP systems offer a ‘pay as you grow’ strategy to avoid the unnecessary stress of re-hauling your old phone system. Internet telephone systems are the most scalable option for expanding businesses, since they can be purchased and financed by the unit: you can avoid the hassle of reinstalling your landline system in full, especially if you move to a different exchange area.

Installing a Cisco VoIP phone only requires an internet connection, so there’s no need to get any engineers involved. After an initial set-up charge, phones are paid for on a rolling monthly basis and can be added or subtracted at any time. So there’s no need to get tied into a five-year contract with BT either: you can scale your system to suit your needs.

VoiP provides an integrated network which can be managed remotely via the internet. Connecting new phones to your existing system has never been easier: via Cisco Call Manager, for example, you can organise your internal and external communications from your own desk with a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can create virtual group mailboxes, for example, so that your new sales department receives particular calls. You can also link incoming calls to your mobile, making sure you stay in the loop even as your workforce expands.

You can even monitor inward and outward calls remotely. Call Manager provides key data on the number of calls from customers and colleagues, average response times, and other aspects of your communications which offer piece of mind for a manager of an expanding business. Such data is helpful for training and management purposes, and allows you full control over what’s going on, wherever you are.

Your integrated VoIP network can provide huge cost benefits as well. Calls within your network are free, and you can easily access data on call charges for the whole system, allowing you full control over expenses. VoIP systems are also, on the whole, cheaper than landline equivalents, while employing cloud-based technology to maximise efficiency.

In the heyday of landline, your move to a different exchange area would require you to change your company phone number. VoIP allows you to keep your original number by transferring it to the Cloud. This makes it a virtual number, which can be used anywhere, even abroad. This allows you to easily transfer your existing contacts from before - reducing the impact of your big move on relationships with your old clients. A virtual phone number is the same wherever in the country it’s used, so there’s no need to worry about regional area codes.

Investment in a VoIP phone system is one way an up-and-coming business can show that they are serious. They provide a host of professional features, including automated voicemail services and on-hold music, which immediately place your company, in the right company. With all the features described above, VoIP gives the fast-moving entrepreneur full control over their fledgling empire.

GRiP Communications is a UK based VoIP Service provider providing high quality affordable business telephone systems to organisations with one phone or many. All you need is an internet connection.

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