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COVID-19 - We are Operating as Normal using VoIP!


Never Miss a Call

With A VoIP Phone System


  • UK support centre
  • Fast setup
  • Easy installation
  • 30 day return policy
  1. Standard
    £81.00£4.50 per month
  2. CP-7945G
    £99.00£5.50 per month
  3. CP-7975G Rental
    £149.00£8.50 per month
  4. Cisco 8841 VoIP Phone
    Cisco 8841 VoIP Phone
    £185.00£9.00 per month






Connect your Customers, Offices and Staff Anywhere, Anytime with a VoIP Business Phone System

    Never Miss a Call

    With a VoIP Internet Phone System, you'll be able to connect to your customers & clients no matter where you are.  Because your calls come into the Cloud, they can be directed to any location or device, including mobiles and traditional phones. Thanks to VoIP calls, you'll never miss a call; even when away from the office.

    The nature of our Internet Phones allows seamless transitions between one employee to another, which means that even if the office phones are busy then enquiries can be picked up at another phone, whether it's a desk phone or a headset. Your internet phone lines simply need an internet connection or broadband connection and you'll be ready for a convenient, higher-quality phone system that can help make every call connect.


    Control Your Costs

    VoIP services aren't just beneficial for making the likes of conferencing simple or getting the right calls to those desk phones; they also help to make a small business much more cost-effective. A cloud-based system simplifies your infrastructure and reduces running costs, making VoIP calls efficient and professional.

    All you need is an internet connection and your VoIP system can make incoming and outgoing calls simple. Trade up your old handsets for professional or business VoIP handsets with the innovations that VoIP services bring; remove old telephones and save on line rental, equipment, maintenance costs and call charges. We fully manage your system, covered in our monthly plans. Pay on a per-user basis, whether in the office, on the road or at home, to make any business based call hassle-free.


    Present a Professional Image

    High call quality and Enterprise Features  mean VoIP systems serve as the ideal business phone system. Show customers that you care by making it easy to reach the right person the first time. Use an Auto Attendant so the caller can choose which department to speak to.  Even if you can't pick up the call, Voicemail-to-Email sends you a message. You can pick the message up on your mobile and see the caller's number so you can call them back right away, giving the cusotmer a great impression.

    Leave traditional phones behind and embrace the technological advances that VoIP phone systems can grant your business. Our Internet Phone System allows you to establish even a small business as a highly professional player in your industry.


    Be Flexible

    VoIP phone systems allow you to work from anywhere. From the office, from home or even on the road, a VoIP system can help to take your business further than ever before. Your customers only need to dial your direct phone number, yet this will help connect them to your business landline and establish phone calls with you wherever you may be.

    You get the same phone features at home as you do on your office phone system, and you can call colleagues directly on their extension with no hassle. If you are a manager you can see straight away who is available and who is on the phone.


    Simple Installation

    Our system is already available in the Cloud and present wherever there's an Internet Connection. The days of low-quality phone lines are over, as with our VoIP system all you need to do is plug in the phones and your business telephone system is ready to go, whether oyu have one location or many.

    Your new VoIP system can be up and running in days rather than weeks, serving as an ideal option if you are setting up a new office or in the early days of a small business. Even when moving to new premises you can make the move simpler by taking your existing phone numbers along with you for free.



Welcome to GRiP, the VoIP phone system specialists.

Our many VoIP services allow you to make the most out of your business communications, whether you're focused on making your in-office phone services as efficient as possible or you're aiming to make communications in and out of the business convenient for your customers. VoIP phone systems, otherwise known as 'voice over internet protocol' phone systems, offers businesses both large and small a wealth of cost-saving, efficiency-improving and professional-standard benefits that can assist you in everything from connecting calls quickly to call recording and voicemail services. 


VoIP phone systems can be installed easily and quickly to every type of business communication, ranging from desk phones & landlines to mobile phones & video conferencing. Our simple to understand VoIP systems can easily work in tandem with VoIP business phones as well as already owned VoIP phones, and even without the use of traditional phone features like handsets we provide a free softphone. Here at GRiP, we strive to offer you unified communications that make business communications simple and hassle-free, along with a host of other feature-rich benefits. 


Our UK Internet Phone technology endeavours to be future-proof, making business communications such as call transfers, voicemail services and more as efficient as possible for years to come. By discussing your business needs with us, we can help to establish which Internet Phones and VoIP services will benefit your business best, all whilst providing an incredibly speedy setup, a smooth installation process and all the VoIP support you could ever need.