Fault Reporting

At GRIP we aim to provide an always-on service to support your business. We monitor the system 24 hours a day 365 days a year so we can spot issues before they affect you. 

However, if things go wrong we are on hand to help from our UK based support centres.

To request support please email

Please provide a description of the issue and the phone numbers and extension numbers it is affecting. If your phone is down please also provide an alternate contact number. 

You will be provided with a ticket number by email. For updates please reply to the email or quote the ticket number.

Alternative fault reporting: Telephone 0345 034 6699 Option 2 Monday – Friday 09.00 to 17.30

Service Levels

We aim to respond to support requests as follows:

  • For major faults, eg all phones at a site out of service: 4 hours. (Note if all phones are down it is almost certainly a problem with your Internet connection and should be reported to your ISP. We can put on an emergency divert to mobiles if required).
  • For minor faults eg single handset out of service: 24 hours
  • Faulty handsets on rental are covered within your plan charge and replacements are sent by courier.

Change Requests 

For Configuration Moves & Changes to hunt groups, usernames, extension numbers etc:


Include a description of the change you require and when you would like it to be activated.

Turnaround time:

  • Simple change requests, eg name change, hunt group change: 24 hours
  • Complex change requests, eg setting up an Auto Attendant: 72 hours

Additional Equipment or Services

Additional services can be ordered through the website. Alternatively, email if you need assistance or can’t find the service you are looking for.

Existing VoIP and Data Equipment

If you have existing Cisco infrastructure we can provide maintenance, remote support and configuration services. Contact us for a quotation.