Delivery and Installation

System Personalisation

Once your order is accepted we will contact you to collect information regarding the configuration of your system. This will include user names, DDI numbers, extension numbers, hunt group features, voicemail setup etc. This allows us to configure and test the phones before delivery.

If you wish to keep your existing numbers, we will send you a Global Number Porting (GNP) form. Most UK numbers are portable. Once the number has been ported you can use it from any location.


After the phones have been configured and tested we will send them to you. Unless you request otherwise we will send them to the single delivery address specified.

Delivery to the UK is free.

Orders received by 3 pm are normally processed for dispatch the following working day assuming the personalisation information has been completed.

Orders for new phones on a rental may be delayed subject to credit and security checks.

Refurbished rental phones do not require credit checks.

Phone Installation

The VoIP phones are designed to be self-installed. We have made installation as simple as possible. You just need a wired ethernet internet connection to plug them in like you would a PC. Each phone has an extra socket on the back for your PC. This means that you don't need any extra cabling points.

One the phone is connected to the Internet, it will work with the features and numbers you have specified.

If you have any problems, phone us or raise a ticket by sending an email to

If you would rather we installed them, contact us for a quote to send an engineer.

Back orders 

It is our aim to ensure we always have items in stock but occasionally we may run out of a product or phone models may be updated. If for any reason we are unable to fulfil your order (or a part of your order) within three working days, we will contact you with details of the anticipated delivery date and an option to change or cancel your order.