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Cisco VoIP Phones

Cisco have been dominant in providing VoIP solutions to Large Businesses and Public Sector organisations. You see them literally everywhre, in Banks, Universities and the NHS. They have been the provider of choice due to the high quality, robust hardware and the myriad of features avalaible from the Cisco Call Manager. However they only used to be economical for large sites due to the high entry cost.

Now GRiP provide Cisco VoIP Business Phones and VoIP Call Plans on an individual basis so you can quickly, cheaply and easily get a top class working VoIP system without a Cisco Call Manager on site. All you need is an Internet connection.

We have categorised the handsets into Standard, Premium and Executive to help you match your user's needs. You can mix and match handset types within your solution. They all have the same core features and Cisco Business Grade HD call quality. Any handset will work with any call plan - just select the plan you want when you order the phone. You can keep your existing BT number or request a new number.

Click on a Cisco VoIP Phone below to start specifiying your system. If you need more than one type of phone, just continue shopping from the shopping cart before finalising your order.

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  1. CP-7975G Rental
    £54.00£6.99 per month
  2. CP-7945G
    £39.00£4.99 per month
  3. Standard
    £34.00£4.49 per month
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