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  1. VoIP Business Scenarios: Legal

      Law firms today have a lot more to contend with than only a few years ago.  Smaller solicitors and freelance legal professionals are challenging the power of the big... Continue reading
  2. VoIP Business Scenarios: Recruitment

      The recruitment industry has rebounded well from the Covid-19 pandemic.  As more businesses opt to lease short-term contracts for their work, and as employment becomes more competitive and flexible... Continue reading
  3. Bringing the office home with VoIP technology

    Whether you’re a sole trader or part of a larger team, working from home has its benefits. You can fit your work around the school run and let your inner... Continue reading
  4. Location, Location, Telecommunication

    The property sector is changing. Online estate agents such as Purplebricks are giving more power to individual customers to decide when and what property to buy, sell or rent. Viewber... Continue reading
  5. The Power of Image - Punching Above Your Weight with VoIP Phone Systems

    Most businesses today have a website. Even the smallest companies do. But when a customer wants to take the next step, the cracks can begin to show. They lead their... Continue reading
  6. VoIP Business Scenarios: Retail

    Retail businesses have a lot to think about these days. They’ve got to deal with astronomical rents, especially on the high street; competition from online giants; a consumer base that... Continue reading
  7. How VoIP saved my life - A day in the life of an Online Retailer

      Amy (name changed to protect the innocent!) started a small business working from home eight years ago. Originally selling through an E-bay shop, she moved to her own e-commerce... Continue reading
  8. Business after Brexit: the VoIP solution

      It is fair to say that, whatever your position on Brexit, it shook business confidence. This has not always been for the right reasons - as the recent spat... Continue reading
  9. Looking to the future of work with VoIP technology

      Self-employment became more common when Western countries de-industrialised in the 1980s, but the internet has caused an exponential rise.  Over 15% of UK workers are self-employed, higher than ever... Continue reading

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