HomePlug Network Kit - Twin Pack

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Devolo Powerline/HomePlug Network Kit twin Pack - Connect your Home Office to your Internet Router

This devolo dLAN AV 500 HomePlug uses your internal electrical wiring as a network cable to bringing the Internet to any room without any additional cabling.

Plug one Homeplug into a power socket near your Internet Router and connect it with the cable supplied.

Plug the secong homeplug into a power socket in any other room to get your Internet connection there. If you are using a GRiP VoIP Phone, plug the phone into your Homeplug and your PC or other device into the phone.

The devolo dLAN 500 WiFi HomePlug Starter Kit also provides smartphones, tablets and laptops with full-strength WiFi coverage at each location.

These units also come with a free software management package that you can use or we will manage remotely for you.