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Virtual 01 or 02 Phone Number



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This is Business Phone Number that doesn't require a phone line or a fixed office location.

It is ideal for anyone with a startup business who doesnt yet have fixed premises, or for people who are highly mobile but want to publish a fixed landline number.

If you have a fixed business line already but want to establish a web presence in other areas or for particular projects you can publish alternative numbers and forward them to your office.

We provide you with a new UK Number starting 01 or 02 or you can port your existing number(s). That number is then forwarded to a real landline or mobile.

Forwarded calls to UK landlines are free. If you forward to a mobile you can choose to pay 8 pence per minute for each incoming call or add a Bolt-On for unlimited calls.

Start by chosing the Area Code for your number - you can have any area code you want.



Maximum number of characters: 20

Billing Period
1 Month cycle.
Repeats until suspended or canceled.
  • Easy setup
  • Fast installation
  • 30 day return policy
  • UK support centre
Connect your Customers, Offices and Staff Anywhere, Anytime with a Voice Over IP Business Phone System
  • Never Miss a Call

    Because your calls come into the Cloud, they can be directed to any location or device. Including mobiles. So you won't miss a call, even when away from the office. If one phone or office is busy enquiries can be picked up at another.

  • Control Your Costs

    A cloud-based system simplifies your infrastructure and reduces running costs. All you need is an Internet connection. Remove old telephones and save on line rental, equipment, maintenance costs and call charges. We fully manage your system, covered in our monthly plans. Pay on a per user basis whether in the office, on the road or at home.

  • Present a Professional Image

    Show customers you care by making it easy to reach the right person the first time. Even if you cant pick up the call, Voicemail-to-Email sends you a message. You can pick the message up on your mobile and see the caller's number so you can call them back right away.

  • Be Flexible

    Work from anywhere. Office, home or on the road. Your customers still only need to dial your direct number. You get the same phone features at home and can call colleagues directly on their extension. If you are a manager you can see straight away who is available and who is on the phone.

  • Simple Installation

    Our system is already available in the Cloud. All you need to do is plug in the phones. Your new system can up and running in days rather than weeks - ideal if you are setting up a new office. Moving to a new premises? Take your existing numbers for free.