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Virtual Landline with 01 or 02 Phone Number

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£2.99 Setup price: £9.00 ex. VAT

This is Business Phone Number that doesn't require a phone line or a fixed office location. It will ring on your mobile or any other fixed phone.

It is ideal for anyone with a startup business who doesn't yet have fixed premises, or for people who are highly mobile but want to publish a fixed landline number.

If you have a fixed business line already but want to establish a web presence in other areas or for particular projects you can publish alternative numbers and forward them to your office.

We provide you with a new UK Number starting 01 or 02 or you can port your existing number(s). That number is then forwarded to a your mobile or a fixed landline.

Forwarded calls to UK landlines are free. If you forward to a mobile you can choose to pay 8 pence per minute for each incoming call or add a Bolt-On for unlimited calls.

Start by choosing the Area Code for your number - you can have any area code you want.

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