VoIP Phones

GRiP Communications provide IP Phones from leading manufacturers for all types of organisations and budgets. From feature rich, budget Fanvil VoIP Phones to Purchase, to high end corporate models from Cisco and Snom to Purchase or Rent.

Originally only affordable for large corporations, IP Phones are now available to any business or anybody. Whether you want just one VoIP Phone for Home, or Office Phones across multiple locations, they will all operate as one Office Phone System for Small Business or Large Business, all with the same high call quality, all with the same extensive business phone features and flexibility.

You don’t need an expensive phone system or phone lines for VoIP Phones to work, just an Internet Connection and a VoIP Call Plan. For this reason people often refer to them as Internet Phones. You can configure the phones yourself or we can pre-configure them so all you need to do is plug them in. No engineer is required.

If you dont want to use an IP deskphone, we provide a free Mobile VoIP App with our Call Plans to give you an Android IP phone or an IP iPhone.

Whether you're looking for VoIP Phones to Rent on a short-term basis, or to create a Business Phone System for years to come, our VoIP Phones make business communications easy, quick and simple to implement and operate.

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Please note:

You can not just plug a VoIP Phone into the Internet, you also need to have a VoIP Service with a VoIP Call Plan. This is the equivalent of a phone line but without the line, all you need is an Internet Connection. If you don’t already have a VoIP Service, you can order your VoIP Subscription here, or you can have it included in a VoIP Phone And Call Package here. You can order new numbers, or keep your existing ones.


As one of the leading providers of VoIP Phones UK, our wide selection of IP phones include such trusted and reliable manufacturers such as Cisco, Snom and Fanvil.  These work on our VoIP phone system to provide a host of incredible business communication benefits allowing you to work where you want, when you want and to never miss a call. Voicemail, call recording and auto-attendant are just a handful of what we can provide your business with when deciding to utilise voice over internet protocol. Each and every VoIP phone offers high call quality to ensure clear & crisp phone calls, as well as other vital business phone system features.

Refurbished Cisco Phones to Rent

One of our most popular choices are refurbished Cisco VoIP Phones available on a monthly rolling phone rental plan with no credit check. These serve as ideal choices for startup businesses and small businesses who want to enjoy the many benefits of VoIP calls without incurring large startup costs. All the more alluring for those curious about our leased or rented phones is the VoIP solutions that we offer, such as friendly, UK based remote support and next day courier replacement if it's ever required.

IP Phone Reliability and Performance

The phones we offer have been tried and tested on our secure VoIP Phone System, ensuring their reliability and call quality. Many of these phones are also compatible with other major VoIP SIP providers. As well as VoIP desk phones, we also provide VoIP DECT Phones and a VoIP App so you can pick up calls on the go on your smartphone removing the need for a fixed landline or traditional phone. We also include VoIP Softphones with our VoIP Plans for those simply looking to enjoy the benefits of our VoIP phone system from their PC.

With improvements in broadband across the uk including the availability of SuperFast Broadband to most locations, most people can get a high quality service even when using your voip phone for home.

Affordable VoIP Call Plans 

If you order a VoIP phone with one of our distinct VoIP Call Plans then you can create a feature-rich office phone system that can handle any number of business communications needs. Some of the most useful features, even within the most basic VoIP call plans, include free UK Calls to both landlines and mobile phones, whether it's from an office phone, a home office or even on the go. This feature-rich VoIP phone system, along with the other distinct unified communication VoIP solution, is incredibly easy to set up and only requires an internet connection or a broadband connection to be fully functional.

For more information about our VoIP Services and our UK VoIP Phone Systems, please click here to see How VoIP Works.