Virtual Phone Numbers

Fed up with phone lines? You dont need them any more.

We will provide you with a UK phone number can be forwarded to a traditional phone or mobile. You can order new numbers or port your existing BT numbers.

It's particularly useful if you need a number setting up quickly or need to move office.

Are you looking for a UK Business Number but you dont have a fixed office location?

Here you can order Non-Geographic (03 and 08) numbers or, if you want to establish a presence in an area a Geographic Number (01 or 02).

Select the type of number you require below.

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  1. Virtual 01 or 02 Phone Number

    A UK landline number that doesnt require a phone line and is forwarded to another landline or mobile.
  2. 0345 Non Geographic Number

    A UK 0345 Non-geographic number that is forwarded to an landline or mobile. It provices a local call number for customers to easily contact you wherever you are based.

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