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Premium VoIP Call Plan

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£12.99 Setup price: £9.00 ex. VAT

The Premium Plan adds more features to the Standard Plan for users who want to never miss a call. Single Number Reach connects your landline Direct Dial Number to your mobile without requiring a Mobile App. This means you can pick up calls when away from your desk or office. You can also switch live calls between devices.

Voicemail with Voicemail-to-Email means that customers can leave a message if you dont pick up the call but you can still respond quickly wherever you are. For people who are away from the office a lot, there is the option of running a softphone on your PC which is a copy of your deskphone that can be used anywhere when away or on the move.

Suitable for:

  • Users with high communications needs
  • Mobile users who want to be available anywhere, anytime
  • Free Calls to UK Mobiles and Landlines (01, 02 and 07 numbers)  
  • Full range of Business Phone Features (Hold, Transfer etc)
  • UHD Voice Quality
  • UK DDI Number (Any Area Code)
  • Keep (Port) Your Existing Numbers
  • Click to Dial from your PC/CRM
  • Softphone App for PC and Smartphone
  • Voicemail and Voicemail to email
  • Customer Phone Support 9:00am – 17.30pm
  • Customer Online Support 24/7
  • Multi-Site Operation
  • Hunt Groups, Pickup Groups
  • Music on Hold
  • Single Number Reach (Link to Mobile - no App required)
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