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What We Do

GRIP Communications provide complete business telephone systems that ensure you never miss a call improving productivity, customer service and sales.

Our self-service platform is a fresh approach for businesses to rapidly deploy scalable, reliable communications across multiple locations.

Based in the cloud our service is highly flexible and always up to date. Without infrastructure hardware, upfront costs are affordable no matter how small your business is. Our partnership with Cisco assures that quality remains uncompromised.

We love helping our customers migrate to the best solutions. We provide friendly UK based support and use our wide experience to give the very best advice.


Industry Solutions

Legal Sector

Drive cost-effective client experience. In Law firms, continuous customer communication is a necessity. Use features such as single number reach to listen, chat and advise clients 24/7 from anywhere.


  • Answer any call from any location. Centralise reception functions.

GRIP’s call routing and handling rules allow you to respond to calls from any location. Send your calls to a centralised reception that can then transfer the call to multiple extensions. The customer then receives the same consistent experience every time they contact you.

  • Single number reach so clients can contact you even if you are out of the office.

The flexibility of single number reach allows calls to your number to be automatically forwarded to your mobile if you’re unavailable on your desk phone. Customers can get a hold of you even when you’re out the office or away from your desk.

  • HD Video telephony and conferencing for client consultations and briefing.

Effortlessly host conference meetings with associates and clients. Meetings are often impractical and costly, travelling hundreds of miles for a meeting that lasts only 15 minutes. Use cost-efficient HD video telephony for face-to-face online meetings straight from your desk.

  • Voicemail to email for efficient communication and delegation.

Voicemail-to-email delivers a message copy directly to your inbox. You can scan, prioritise, and respond to all messages straight from your desktop, laptop or mobile.


Irving Geddes



Motor Trade

The new generation of customer requires you to be available regardless of your location. Provide value through excellent customer service. Smart call routeing on GRIP’s hosted VoIP system allows customers to always be in touch. Route calls to the right department and extend them to staff mobiles if they are outside or away from their desks.


  • Auto-attendant for routeing enquiries to the right department.

Create a professional image with an auto-attendant that enables customers to find who they’re looking for fast. Feel like you’re sitting next to your team by checking their availability with presence.

  • Directory integration so you can identify callers by name.

Integrate your phone directory so you can identify callers by name and personalise your response or have the right personnel answer the call the first time.

  • Single number reach means customers can always get hold of you, wherever you are.

Answer calls straight from the shop. No need to be at the desk waiting for calls, take them on the move wherever you go.




Professional Services

Our solutions keep you in continuous contact with clients and help you become more productive, competitive and profitable. Take your client services to the next level with our flexible service that adapts as your business grows.


  • Efficient mobile workforce, anywhere, anytime.

Provide an efficient client service with a mobile workforce, enable employees to answer calls on the move from their mobile, tablet or laptop.

  • Single Number reach means clients can always get hold of you, without you handing out your mobile number.

Extensive range of call handling and management controls to deliver calls to the correct person wherever they are, at other offices, at home or on the move.

  • Scale up as you add clients, adding extra lines as you need them.

As you grow your system is able to scale up with you. Add more lines or features to improve and optimise your solution to meet your business needs.

  • WebEx conferencing integrates with your phone system and allows you to make remote presentations no matter your location.

Conference with clients and win contracts all without leaving the office. WebEx’s powerful features make conferencing simple and easy to execute. 




Third Sector

Third Sector managers know they have to make the best use of the resources they have. An IP phone system means you only have to spend money on the handsets you need. Our extension mobility or hot-desking features mean that multiple staff and volunteers can share the same phone.

Time of day call routeing will automatically redirect customers to contact centres if your office is closed. Special numbers can quickly be set-up for projects and receive performance reports to help you optimise usage.


  • Time of day re-routing means you can always provide support to callers.
  • Make the best use of the system with extension mobility.

The flexibility of extension mobility gives each user a profile, perfect for hot-desking or remote-working, log-in from anywhere.

  • Bid for projects and funding knowing you have the infrastructure to support them.
  • Fixed cost structure helps to budget. 


Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau


Community Enterprise



Online Retailers

Your website allows you to deliver a high-quality customer experience and compete with larger players in the market. But has your phone system kept up? Particularly for smaller online retailers, missing a call, slow response or giving the wrong impression can lose a sale.

GRIP’s hosted communications deliver powerful enterprise-level features, even if you only have one phone.


  • Auto-attendants with multiple choices deliver a high-quality customer experience.
  • On-hold marketing messages sell your proposition while you deal with other customers.
  • Single Number Reach means you can pick up calls even when away from the office.
  • Number flexibility allows you to have any or many UK numbers on your site so you can address specific geographies.
  • Match incoming call details on your phone screen with your analytics to identify what the caller is interested in.




Public Sector

Build honest, two-way communication and strengthen relationships with your communities. Improve productivity and efficiency to accelerate the delivery of citizen services.


  • Improve agency efficiency.
  • Allow flexible working models.
  • Streamline IT operations.
  • Attract younger generation employees.





Estate Agents and Property Letting

Our solutions keep you in continuous contact with clients and help you be more productive, competitive and profitable. Take your client services to the next level with our dynamic service that adapts as your business grows.


  • Efficient mobile workforce, anywhere, anytime.
  • Single Number reach means clients can always get hold of you, without you handing out your mobile number.
  • Scale as you add clients.
  • Out of Hours call routeing for tenants emergency contact.





Communication within project-based environments presents unique challenges. This is true of the construction industry where projects are sporadic, lasting months or sometimes years with many involved parties changing. Communication within this environment is crucial to goal completion and project fulfilment.


  • Rapidly deploy fully featured telephone systems at temporary and new sites.
  • Simple installation by on-site staff.
  • Scale up at speed when the business demands it. Add or remove handsets as the project requires.
  • Creates a seamless communications experience by linking the construction site to the corporate network.
  • Total number flexibility. Carry the same number from site to site, simplifying your communications process.
  • Eliminate paper faxing with our cloud or email faxing.
  • Short term rentals available.



Achieve operational efficiency and improve not only communication with customers, but most importantly internal communication. Retail companies rely on strong integrated cultures to offer consistent customer experience across multiple channels and locations. A hosted VoIP solution provides a single telephone system across all locations no matter how large or small.


  • Automated attendants create a superior experience for your customers, especially during peak sales times.
  • Spread calls across multiple outlets so you make the best use of staff.
  • Never miss a call, if one branch is busy another can answer.
  • Transferring calls between branches, contact centre and HQ makes it easy to reach the right person.
  • Be ready for any season with a flexible and scalable hosted solution.
  • Easy setup
  • Fast installation
  • 30 day return policy
  • UK support centre
Connect your Customers, Offices and Staff Anywhere, Anytime with a Voice Over IP Business Phone System
  • Never Miss a Call

    Because your calls come into the Cloud, they can be directed to any location or device. Including mobiles. So you won't miss a call, even when away from the office. If one phone or office is busy enquiries can be picked up at another.

  • Control Your Costs

    A cloud-based system simplifies your infrastructure and reduces running costs. All you need is an Internet connection. Remove old telephones and save on line rental, equipment, maintenance costs and call charges. We fully manage your system, covered in our monthly plans. Pay on a per user basis whether in the office, on the road or at home.

  • Present a Professional Image

    Show customers you care by making it easy to reach the right person the first time. Even if you cant pick up the call, Voicemail-to-Email sends you a message. You can pick the message up on your mobile and see the caller's number so you can call them back right away.

  • Be Flexible

    Work from anywhere. Office, home or on the road. Your customers still only need to dial your direct number. You get the same phone features at home and can call colleagues directly on their extension. If you are a manager you can see straight away who is available and who is on the phone.

  • Simple Installation

    Our system is already available in the Cloud. All you need to do is plug in the phones. Your new system can up and running in days rather than weeks - ideal if you are setting up a new office. Moving to a new premises? Take your existing numbers for free.