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Cisco 8841 Premium VoIP Phone





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Suitable for: Salespeople, Team Leaders, Executive Assistants and Managers

Cisco’s next-generation 8800 IP phones provide reliable, secure and cost effective, high quality voice communications.

With a large colour screen and 5 line keys the CP-8841-K9 is particularly flexible and easy to use. It delivers crystal clear sound, ‘always-on’ reliability, encrypted voice communications to enhance security, and is easily scalable for small to large businesses.

Using our Hosted VoIP Service, you can quickly and easily install Cisco IP Phones - the world's best. Previously they were only available to the largest organisations. Now all you need is an internet connection.

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The price you pay today will be any initial charges (purchase price or setup charge), plus the first months' rental.
You will be asked for credit or debit card details at checkout.
Ongoing monthly charges for call plans and phone rentals will be collected via your Card Subscription or by Direct Debit.
If you wish to pay by Bank Transfer or PayPal instead, please contact us.
Refurbished Handset rentals are available on a monthly rolling basis without a credit check
New Handset rentals are subject to a 36 month contract and credit approval. 
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