How much is a phone call worth? It’s the big question for any small business.

Your phone system is the main weapon in any business arsenal. It’s the frontline between you and your customer - the opening salvo and, fingers crossed, the parting shot. It’s what makes the difference between a bland service and a brilliant one. This is your phone, one particularly militant project manager might say to the troops. There are many like it but this one is yours. Without you it is useless… and without your phone, so are you.

That’s why, when you crack down the numbers, you should be getting the biggest bang for your buck. Too many small businesses don’t recognise the true cost of missed calls and fail to follow up on promising leads because of outdated equipment. In the age of information, customer rapport and attentiveness lay at the heart of the small business. If you snooze, you lose.

A small company might make 1 sale for every 10 calls (perhaps you envy them!). Let us suppose an average sale is worth £500. So every call is worth £50 in potential sales. But the savvy entrepreneur will know there are always two sides to any business story. This particular company uses landline systems which are cheap, and it shows. They end up paying extra on call rates through BT; they lack a professional out-of-office or out-of-hours service for incoming calls. The interface is outdated and lacks enterprise features like number catalogues and call history.

This poor sucker can kiss his £50 note goodbye every time the phone rings when he’s out for lunch. Or when he forgets to follow up on a promising lead because the post-it with the client’s number got sucked up by the janitor’s vacuum. For any business, this many holes in the hull could make for a sinking ship.

That’s why more companies are now switching to VoIP telephony systems than ever before. VoIP phone systems, such as those designed by California-based Cisco Systems, use the internet instead of a traditional fixed landline. This way VoIP systems allow your number to be transferred to any device, including your mobile and home phone. So when you’re out of the office, you’ll never miss a potential sales opportunity. Even if you’re busy, a quick e-mail or text to the caller keeps them on the back-burner. (Learn more about how VoIP works here)

Using bog-standard phone systems might lose a handful of calls each day - leads which are potentially lost forever if you can’t chase up the last number. Internet phone systems, by contrast, utilise clear user interfaces to store missed calls and recent dial history. So you can scrap the pen and paper - managing your communications with clients and colleagues straight from the phone interface has never been easier. Your customer is like a disgruntled partner – you need to chase them if you want them back.

By improving responsiveness and in-house organisation any business can stay abreast of its client base and improve profitability. More than half of customers expect responses within 24 hours according to research, while 61% of customers expect web services which are mobile responsive. Only internet phone systems offer the enterprise-class features required to provide a great customer service and increase sales. You can check out our latest models on our website.

But what’s the cost of switching to an internet phone system? Less than you might think. Cloud-based phone systems are much cheaper to install and maintain than traditional systems. You don’t need an engineer to set up a VoIP system – just connect it to the internet and you’re ready to go. Maintenance is also done remotely, and phone charges are next to nil, even for international calls. Adding new phones onto your virtual network is easy, so you can set up as many phones as you like, all on a monthly subscription basis. The cost-benefit balance of switching to VoIP is clear: some studies have shown that small businesses save up to 45% each month when switching to VoIP.

Harnessing internet phone technology, which allows you to take calls anywhere at any time, keep a clear record of communications, and cut down your costs, will increase the effectiveness of your operation. The return of investment in VoIP telephony can be staggering: from as little as £8.49 per month GRiP offers Cisco phone systems including line rental, allowing businesses of any size to capitalise on their footfall. After all, you can’t afford to miss a shot.

GRiP Communications is a UK-based VoIP service provider offering high-quality affordable business telephone systems to organisations with one phone or many. All you need is an internet connection to get started.
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